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There are three steps to becoming a client of the Private Portfolio Service.

1. We start with a review of your financial situation

To complete this review, we need you to supply details of your current investments, your age and investment timeframe, income requirements, and tolerance for volatility.

You can start the review process by:

There is no charge for this review and no obligation to proceed beyond the review.

2. We'll provide you with our recommendation

What you'll receive will depend on whether or not the adviser believes the Private Portfolio Service is right for you. At the very least, you'll receive a summary of your financial situation and the adviser's recommendations. If the adviser recommends the Private Portfolio Service, you'll also receive some general information about the Private Portfolio Service, a detailed proposal for your investment and a Welcome Pack with all the documents you need to sign up!

3. We set up your Portfolio

Once you've read the information in the Welcome Pack and decided to join, you need to complete and sign the forms provided and send them back to us. Once we've received your forms, we will set up your Portfolio and provide you with secure access to view your Portfolio reports online. 

Note: You will not pay any fees until you have signed the application form and transferred money to us.

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