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Long term performance

The graphs below look at performance of an average GMI growth portfolio. We’ve used growth portfolios for this purpose, but you can also view historical performances of our balanced and income portfolios by year here.

Return on GMI growth portfolios

Total returns on GMI Growth portfolios

The above graph shows a $1,000 investment in an average GMI Growth portfolio from 2003 onwards has, over the last twelve years, compounded to NZ $2,540.

Over this particular period that’s an average return – after fees, brokerage and tax – of 7.4% per annum compared to the relevant benchmark return of 3.5% per annum.  

Graph notes:

  • GMI growth portfolio average: Here we define growth portfolios as having more than 65% in growth investments, i.e. less than 35% of funds mandated to fixed interest or income shares.
  • Average GMI growth benchmark: Each GMI client has their own benchmark based on their particular portfolio mandate. The benchmark we show here is based on an average of these benchmarks.

*Further details on calculations shown are available on request from GMI.

Calendar year returns

The next graph gives the year-by-year performance of the growth portfolios in contrast with the benchmark’s performance. Our out-performance has resulted as much from minimising damage in the ‘down’ years as it is has from out-performing in the ‘up’ years. That was especially evident during the 2007-2009 global financial crisis.

Calendar year returns on GMI Growth portfolios

As the graph above illustrates, over the past thirteen years our Growth portfolios have out-performed the benchmark for eleven of them.

See our annual investment performance for more information on individual asset classes and for balanced portfolio and income portfolio returns.

See the graph notes above that also apply to the calendar year returns.

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