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Morgan Online March 2011

Morgan Online
29 March 2011

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Morgan Online March 2011

Opinion: Investment Survival Kit

When a natural disaster hits, the immediate impact on stock markets is usually negative. Unsettled by horrific headlines, 24–7 news footage and widespread uncertainty, the first instinct of investors is to sell. To take cover. However, this is probably the worst thing you can do. Read more.

KiwiSaver: Regulation for Fees and Performance Data

The Ministry of Economic Development has been taking submissions on how KiwiSaver providers report fees and performance with the aim of achieving genuine comparability and transparency in these two important areas. As you know we have some strong views on these issues and accordingly have made a submission. There has been a bit in the press about the concerns we have. There was an article online and Andrew Gawith was on Good Morning too. We expect the new reporting rules to come into effect for KiwiSaver providers mid 2012.

Travel: Big Waves and Border Patrols

Gareth and Jo continue on the final leg of their tour of Central America. Their daughter, Ruby, joined them in the Galapagos and a for a short while on the bikes. The journey is filled, as usual, with good yarns and experiences. Whether that means dodging a tsunami or border patrols, Jo and Gareth are up for it. With some of the trip cataloged on the World by Bike blog and a heap of good photos it makes it easy to keep up with these highs and lows.

Money: Happy Financial New Year!

This time of year always has people thinking about their financials, that is why they call it the financial New Year (well we do anyway). From our perspective this could mean reviewing a few things to make sure all the housekeeping is done.

  • Investment portfolio—Review your current investment portfolio. GMI offers a no–strings–attached free portfolio appraisal.
  • Tax rates—Check that the tax rate on your investments are still correct. The IRD are the authority on this and when it comes to your investments there is either PIR or RWT. If you are still unsure you will need to get in touch with them. GMK members can log in if they need to update this.
  • GMK membersLog into your account to check and update your personal details.

Money: GMI Client Advisor in Hamilton

If you have $50,000 or more to invest, and would like to meet to discuss our private portfolio management services, please phone Justine Fung on 0800 427 384 to book an appointment with a GMI advisor. Advisors will be in Hamilton during April and don't forget we have offices in Auckland and Wellington if you wish to meet with a client advisor.


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